82 WAYS is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit that was founded by former NFL Wideout, # 82, Dwayne Bowe and his wife who is a Real Estate Mogul, Author and Philanthropist, Theresa Bowe. The two quickly recognized that people’s needs and passions change and they wanted to be prepared for the changing times that often changes necessities in people’s lives. While in Kansas City, the two met upon working on their own charitable causes. Admiring one another’s passions for helping people, Mr. & Mrs. Bowe noticed they had the same big heart. To accomplish their common goal, the two joined forces to build a charity that was suited to help change lives.

Dwayne Bowe was raised by his grandmother after the abandonment of his biological parents.  Reflecting on the challenges of his childhood from not having his parents raise him, he quickly appreciated the role his grandmother took on.  Realizing the amount of help she received from so many people, he realized it truly does take a village to raise a child.  Because of this, he wanted to help other grandparents who were left with this challenging obstacle.  This prompted the start of his first non-profit, GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDCHILDREN. Dwayne helped hundreds of families in the Kansas City and Miami areas with financial assistance and mentorship during his NFL tenure.

Theresa Bowe left New York and started a successful hair business while living in Kansas City after graduating college.   Accommodating many school-age children who faced hair loss due to health-related issues, she quickly sensed the need.  Seeing the smiles, happiness, and confidence that hair can give anyone, especially a little kid was the reason for the birth of LOVE MY HAIR FOR KIDS. Knowing how cruel kids can be to one another, Theresa reached out to children’s hospitals and other facilities to offer free hair units to children in need.  Theresa went on to help many children that faced hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, and many other health-related hair loss issues.


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